The day I launched from a winery.

I’m currently writing a book about hype marketing. Hype marketing is essentially about creating a lot of interest in your business by having regular launches. I use hype marketing in my businesses and am now sharing my knowledge and experience through a new book.

The writing experience of the new book has given me a great opportunity to reflect on my own experiences. There have been some amazing high’s, a few disappointing lows and some very left-field experiences. Namely, there was that one time that I launched from a winery in the Yarra Valley.

Looking back at one of my launches in the early days of my business, I had everything so under control that I knew I could manage the launch away from the office with just my phone in hand. It was a sunny Sunday afternoon and I was enjoying a quiet red wine for a birthday event. The launch had been weeks of intense hype marketing in the making and there was huge anticipation from potential customers and fans.

When I talk to people about my launches, they think there’s this magical red button that I push to ‘launch’, like a rocket. But in reality, it’s me sitting there adjusting a few products manually with the quantities, dragging products onto different web pages, changing the navigation and removing some banners. It’s really not as glamorous as perhaps it seems. However, the eCommerce landscape allows me to be on the go and do most things from my phone. It’s not a bad life!

On that same launch day I also made an error in judgement. The launch time was 6pm and I decided that given that I was outside of the office and enjoying a winery in the Yarra Valley, that I would secretly launch at 5.30pm which would give me enough time to fix any problems should they arise. Although I wasn’t expecting it, some of the products in the launch sold out at 5.47pm, just 17 minutes later. You might say that it’s a ‘good problem to have’ but there were a handful of disappointed customers that logged on at 6pm to find that the product they wanted was already sold out! It clearly shows that the hype marketing campaign was successful because we had people refreshing the website at 5.30pm to purchase. However, it’s also a lesson in not launching too early!


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