Pinch Me.

Pinch me, I must be dreaming.

My company, Uncle Jack, recently collaborated with one of Australia’s most sought-after individuals, Megan Gale. We co-designed a range of unisex watches in support of men’s health. We are donating 10% of all sales to Movember, who do amazing work in promoting & supporting the health of men.

As part of the collaboration, we received an enormous amount of publicity and media attention. The Herald Sun, Huffington Post, NOVA, Triple M, The Daily Telegraph & lots more. But there was one moment on the Today Show on Channel 9 at 8.20am on November 15th where I truly had to pinch myself.

There Megan was on national TV, talking about Uncle Jack. Pictures of the watches flashed onto television screens all over Australia. Karl & Lisa (hosts) were wearing the watches with pride. I was sitting there at Uncle Jack HQ watching the live stream on my laptop. One of my best mates came into Uncle Jack that morning to help out in what was going to a huge day for the team. He looked at me in complete disbelief, he couldn’t believe that it was happening. He’d seen the first ever sample less than 3 years ago, he’d seen the hours of toiling behind the scenes, the heartaches and the sleepless nights.

I managed to peel my eyes away from the screen to check the activity on our website, there were more people on our website at one time than ever before.

In the days following, a number of celebrities with household names got behind the cause on Instagram – people like Alex Perry, Nat Bassingthwaighte and Rebecca Judd.

From an idea that came about in my bedroom less than three years ago, Uncle Jack has grown beyond anything that I could have dreamed of. I think as far as an entrepreneur is concerned, when you see your idea grow and develop, that’s the best possible feeling.

Pinch me.


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