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Wow, what a humbling experience.

As I write this blog post I am sitting at Changping railway station reflecting on my time and experience in China. I spent the last four days visiting my manufacturer in the working class city of Changping. It’s a small town, nothing like the hustle and bustle of its cross-town neighbours of Shenzhen.

Turning a bad customer experience into a life-long customer

I believe customer experience is so underrated. Customer experience is where you interact with your customers, get feedback, learn, provide information and provide the ‘wow’ factor.

Last week we launched all of our products at Uncle Jack after they had previously sold out. It was a massive launch and we were under the pump to get the orders out to our customers.

Ebbs & Flows

Lately, I’ve become a big advocate of ebbs and flows. Not just in business but in life. Things will come and go, you will see the good and the bad, the beautiful and ugly and things will be constantly changing. I have always been a resilient person but I believe in the last few years my tolerance to adversity &

London Calling

I’m run down, jet-lagged and weary-eyed. But it was an amazing week in London to launch Uncle Jack into the UK market. It has been around 6 months in the making after teaming up with entrepreneur extraordinaire Grant Walters from the UK.

During my 9 days of travel,