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The launch of AKTIK: The Active Watch

Myself & the team at Uncle Jack are really excited to have just launched AKTIK, an active watch.

AKTIK is a partner brand of Uncle Jack & is a really cool concept that hits a segment of the market that is really not being served well. With the¬†athleisure trend growing rapidly over the last couple of years, a fantastic opportunity was presented to tap into this growth via an ‘active watch’. We’ve seen activewear take-off, another of my businesses Athletikan has seen huge growth in athleisure sneakers & we hope that AKTIK will also hit that sweet spot.

The initial problem we faced was that we really wanted a watch that we could wear to work & then straight to training without having to swap it out for another one. AKTIK has interchangeable bands so you can wear say, a black strap to work, and then a pink strap to training. Genius. The watch itself repels sweat & has both an analogue and digital movement.

Check out AKTIK here.

Feature video:

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