I’m launching Australia’s first sneaker brand.

Alright, the cat’s out of the bag. It’s possibly my worst kept secret, but in May 2017 I am launching Australia’s first ever sneaker brand, Athletikan.

It’s been two years in the making for me after sketching countless designs and many failed attempts at manufacturer’s samples. I’ve traveled to China looking for the best manufacturer to produce my sneakers and I’ve found a winner. The idea lagged for around a year, mostly because I was having immense difficulty taking the concept in my head to paper, and then to a real-life sample.

The concept is simple. Combining fashion & the growing trend of ‘athleisure’ to create Australia’s first athletic sneaker.

It wasn’t until around 6 months ago when I brought my old friend Joe Tambo on-board to help me bring it to life and things just fell into place. We carved out the concept, nailed the design to every last detail and finally had a working prototype that we fell in love with.

Athletikan’s goal is not to takeover Nike or Adidas. We’re not foolish. However, we aim to compete alongside the big brands and offer a boutique, fashion-forward alternative for a growing market.

Launching Athletikan is one of those things I would have really regret in 30 years if I didn’t do it. With 3,000+ people already on the waiting list and features in Broadsheet, Fashion Journal & Men’s Style before we’ve even sold a single shoe is unbelievable.

We want to stay in our own lane, build our own legacy and be at the forefront of athleisure & fashion.

Watch this space.

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